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MicroPilot is located in Stony Mountain, Canada (just outside of Winipeg) and has been in business since 1994 supplying high end autopilots for the global UAV market. MicroPilot currently services over 850 clients in over 70 countries representing both small and large UAV manufacturers (commercial and defense) and research organizations.  MicroPilot offers a family of lightweight UAV autopilots that fly fixed-wing, transitional, helicopter, and multi-rotor UAVs.  Some of MicroPilot’s autopilots’ popular features include:

• Airspeed and altitude hold
• Turn coordination
• GPS navigation
• Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL)
• Autonomous operation from launch to recovery

Seamless Upgrade
MicroPilot has a range of autopilots from the single-use autopilot (MP2x28xp) all the way up to the powerful VTOL autopilot (MP2128HELI), providing a seamless upgrade path. No other autopilot manufacturer offers this high degree of adaptable technology and range of autopilot options. Once Micropilot’s customers learn how to work with one of MicroPilot’s autopilots, they are equipped to use them all. This makes MicroPilot the single-vendor solution for autopilot hardware, software, and accessory needs. MicroPilot’s line of autopilots allows its customers to grow and adapt at a fraction of the cost offered by many other autopilot competitors. This allows MicroPilot’s customers to get in the air faster without having to fund their own team to develop their own custom autopilot.

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The MP2028g2 established a new benchmark for lightweight UAV autopilots. Weighing only 28 grams, including all sensors and a GPS receiver, this UAV autopilot is the smallest in the world. With a proven track record, the MP2028g2 packs everything you need into one powerful UAV autopilot


Comparable in size to the MP2028g2 but with 50 times the processing power.  Offering upward compatibility with the popular MP2x28g2, MicroPilot’s MP2128g2 provides a 50-fold increase in processor power, double the memory, and twice the input/output channels. The MP2128g2 is MicroPilot’s premium autopilot and the autopilot of choice for your high-performance miniature UAV.


Incorporates all the functionality you need to fly both VTOL and fixed-wing UAVs in an ultra-small autopilot.  Based on proven MicroPilot autopilot technology, it flies fixed-wing and heli UAVs. Upward-compatible with the MP2x28g2 series of autopilots. Includes Ublox 4 Hz GPS module and compass module. Supports fully autonomous flight from takeoff to landing.

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enclosed autopilot

MP2128LRC  and   MP2128HELI-LRC

Incorporates all the functionality needed to fly both VTOL and fixed wing UAV’s in an enclosed autopilot.  Same functionality as the MP2128 circuit board autopilot.

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MicroPilot’s triple redundant (3X) gives the reliability necessary to safely carry out sensitive flight missions and transport valuable payloads.  The triple redundant arrangement is comprised of three similar software and hardware systems.  If any one of the three systems fails, the remaining two take over, offering a double redundancy arrangement.  If one of the other two systems should fail, the third takes over.   The MP21283x is comprised of three MicroPilot MP2128HELI2 autopilots mounted on an adapter board, or redundancy board.  The three autopilots are prioritized.  The autopilot in position one flies the airframe and if it fails, the autopilot in position two takes over, and so on.  The redundancy board provides several input/output (I/O) ports.  The board also includes two RS232 serial ports designed to communicate with the ground control system via radio modems.  As a result of this design, users never need to work directly with the bare circuit boards.  Additionally, the autopilots do not have individual enclosed cases, keeping overall weight to a minimum and while protecting the system.

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MicroPilot’s HORIZONmp ground control station (GCS) software is included with all MicroPilot autopilots and offers a user friendly point-and-click interface.  Developed by MicroPilot specifically for MicroPilot autopilots, HORIZONmp GCS runs on any Windows computer or laptop.  It allows the operator to monitor the autopilot, change waypoints, upload new flight plans, initiate holding patterns and adjust feedback loop gains all while the UAV is flying.  Micropilot autopilots coupled with HORIZONmp GCS makes it easy to integrate and control any UAV.

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MicroPilot’s True Hardware-in-Loop simulator offers UAV integrators and researchers the highest fidelity autopilot simulation available on the market today.  Existing quasi hardware-in-the-loop simulators approximate a UAV’s flight by exchanging sensor and control surface position information with the autopilot over a serial port or CAN bus.  This form of simulation introduces inaccuracies as an autopilot in-flight reads this information directly from its sensors instead of a serial port or CAN bus.  Micropilot’s trueHWILmp offers a dramatic improvement in simulator fidelity by electrically simulating all sensor outputs using analog-to-digital converter, signal conditioning and PWM interface boards.  This allows MicroPilot’s customers to replicate the conditions their UAV experiences in flight offering superior on the ground validation of autopilot setup and integration.

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MicroPilot’s XTENDERmp software developer’s kit takes the MicroPilot brand of autopilots to a whole new level.  This powerful software developers kit is the key to helping MicroPilot’s customers differentiate their UAV solution from their competition.  The XTENDERmp taps into the power of a world recognized autopilot and expands it to fill the gap between standard autopilot functionality and customer specific requirements.

Features include:

  • Ability to customize control laws for enhanced control of the airframe.
  • Ability to use custom software that communicates to the MicroPilot autopilot through the  HORIZONmp GCS.
  • Ability to write customer GCS.
  • Extends HORIZONmp GCS to accept third party software that can access autopilot data (e.g. vision software).
  • Extends the autopilot to control custom payloads and collect data from custom sensors.
  • Autopilot 6DOF simulator allows the ability to test code on the bench to dramatically reduce risk and increase productivity.
  • Allows for complete access to the autopilot state for enhanced control.

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For more info, please contact Bob Schmidt PH: +1 (810) 441-1457

Email: bob@uavpropulsiontech.com


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