UAV Propulsion Tech Post #30 – UAV Engine/Fuel Sensors

I started representing Reventec, Ltd. out of the UK to market their advanced engine and fuel sensors into the UAV market.  Reventec is well known in the Formula 1 racing industry and uses some pretty high tech sensor technology to measure engine and fuel parameters.  UAV’s are starting to use these high tech sensors to measure fuel level, fuel flow, engine speed, engine temperature and throttle position.  The racing industry drove the design for high reliability and accuracy which are the  same requirements for UAV applications. I thought I would focus my blog on these solutions that are available by Reventec, Ltd.  These sensors can interface with the UAV flight computer to monitor the propulsion and fuel delivery parameters: fuel level, fuel flow, oil level, cylinder head temperature, engine rpm and throttle position.


Capacitive level sensing technology works by simply measuring the permittivity difference between air and the fluid level change between the probe’s electrodes.  An electronic circuit is used to measure this change in liquid level and the sensor output changes from 0.25V (empty) to 4.75V (full).   These sensors are designed for 12V but can handle supply voltages from 6V to 31V, they are resistant to several fluids, can be used in environments from -40C to +125C and have an ingress protection rating of IP67.

EcoSense Liquid Level Sensor

EcoSense is a next-generation solid-state capacitive sensor, capable of continuous level measurement in all common liquid types. The modular sensor allows for a wide range of mounting options with the use of a custom or stock mounting adaptor.

  • Solid-state, continuous liquid level sensing
  • ±2% full scale accuracy
  • No measurement dead-band
  • FIA homologation certified
  • 0-5V Configurable Output
  • Customisable Length
  • Multiple mounting arrangements available



ProSense Carbon Liquid Level Sensors

ProSense™ capacitive level sensors are custom designed to your requirements. Proven in harsh environment applications and the sensors are suitable for use with most liquid types.

  • Suitable for all common fuels, hydrocarbons and other liquids
  • Solid-state, continuous liquid level sensing
  • ±0.5% full scale accuracy
  • Designed for long-term reliability in harsh environments
  • Custom designed to your requirements










Fuel Flow Sensor:

BROCHURE: FlowSonic fuel flow sensor

Engine Sensors:

Quantum 360 Temp sensor new QuantumSS Speed Sensor


You can find out more info about these fuel/engine sensors by visiting my Reventec Page at  If you have any questions regarding these solutions, please call or email me at:  PH: +1 (810) 441-1457

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