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Blog #10

US Commercial Drone Conferences:

My UAV experience has mainly been with defense applications but I am trying to also market my products and services into the commercial drone market (agriculture, police, oil/gas, utilities, etc.).  I did a blog post in May on AUVSI which has to be the largest UAV conference in the world.  I attend and exhibit at this event (for the last 10+ years) with the global companies I represent here in the US but it has a stronger defense focus than commercial (although they are getting more commercial exhibitors).  Every other day I am getting emails about new commercial drone conferences in the US.  I thought I would summarize these and provide links if you want to get more info.  I am trying to figure out which one I should exhibit UAV Propulsion Tech at this year to market engines, servo’s, autopilots and parachutes for the commercial market.  I haven’t made a decision yet.

Here is the summary I put together.  Let me know if I missed any:

  • Ohio UAS Conference – Dayton, OH – AUG 25, 26 – Quite a few exhibitors with several defense companies. $2200 for 10’x10′ booth and 2 passes
  • InterDrone – The International Drone Conference & Expo – Las Vegas, NV – SEP 9-11. It says it is the largest commercial drone show in North America but it seems everyone is claiming this. They also only note 80 exhibitors so seems small for the “largest”. $2995 for 10’x10′ exhibit package.
  • UAS Summit & Expo – Grand Forks, ND – SEP 21-23. This one is interesting because there is a UAS test site in Grand Forks so there is a big UAV focus. Also, several defense contractors have or will be setting up offices here. It will have both military and commercial focus (including agriculture). $1,695 for 10’x10′ exhibit package but not many exhibitors.
  • Commercial UAV Expo – Las Vegas, OCT 5-7. This one looks pretty good because there are some UAV companies and some of my competitors. $2150 for 10’x10′ exhibit package.
  • Drone World Expo – San Jose, CA – NOV 17-18. $3,495 for 10’x10′ exhibit package.  Commercial UAV focus (photography and agriculture).
  • UAS TAAC – Santa Anna Pueblo, NM – DEC 7-10. Commercial and defense focused. $1000 for 8×10 booth plus you have to register $700.
  • International Drone Expo – Los Angeles, CA- DEC 11-12. The one also looks good with over 125 exhibitors. This group is also supported by the Tesla Foundation. You can read more about this at: $2100 exhibit package for 10’x10′.
  • Unmanned Systems Institute 2015 Conference – San Diego, CA – DEC 14-15. Appears to be more government and academic focused. Least expensive exhibit package is $4,000 for 10’x10′ with two attendee passes.

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