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Orbital is based in Perth, Western Australia and has a unique air-assisted direct injection system that has been used in the consumer market to reduce exhaust emissions on 2-stroke outboard, scooter, and personal water craft.  It has also been evaluated on 4-stroke automotive applications by global auto OEM’s and several papers have been published by SAE highlighting the benefits of Orbital DI over other direct injection technologies.  There are currently over 800,000 engines in the consumer market with this technology so the base hardware and control systems have been proven in the field making them very reliable.  The air-assist technology is also used on defense outboard and UAV applications to enable operation on heavy fuels such as Jet A, JP5, and JP8.  Orbital can develop a custom engine solution for your UAV application to meet package, weight, reliability and fuel consumption requirements.  This technology has been flying in theater since 2012 and engines are being produced in Perth, Australia to support that activity.  Orbital plans to expand production of their UAV engines in the US within the next 2 years.   Orbital has design, prototype, validation and production capabilities to take your engine from concept to production.

Orbital Insitu Press Release

Key benefits of Orbital’s FlexDI technology for UAV’s is shown below:

  • Multi-fuel capability with same hardware: gasoline, JP5, JP8, Jet A.
  • Cold start capability down to -35C without the use of heaters.
  • ~30% reduction in fuel consumption at cruise conditions because DI enables lean stratified operation – typical brake specific fuel consumption at cruise of 330g/kWh (0.543lb/hph).
  • Lower fuel consumption that 2-stroke carbureted/EFI or gas turbine engines.
  • Lower vibration signature and lower weight than compression ignition (diesel) solutions.

For more info, please contact Bob Schmidt PH: +1 810 441 1457

Email: bschmidt@orbitalcorp.com.au

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