Nova Ray®

Revolutionary ROV Submersible Drone Vehicles

Welcome to the Most Revolutionary Family of Marine Robotic Vehicles Anywhere!

The Nova Ray’s unique hydrodynamic features effectively use water flow rather than resistance to maintain operational control under changing operating modes. Under thruster power, the patented arcuate wings operate just as a high-winged airplane would in free flight. Under “controlled” tow, the Arcuate Wing, combined with the seamless shift in the center of rotation from the cable pull, produces a stable configuration suitable for the broadest range of applications.

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The Nova Ray ROV Platforms Include:

As well as new 30 Meter Nova Ray® Ultra-Light Marine Flier™ and Nova Ray® AeroSub™ UAV/AUV Drone Coming in 2018
Nova Ray 305/550 Model ROV Features

Infinitely Maneuverable Controlled Towable ROV

The Nova Ray is the only submersible remotely operated vehicle (ROV) capable of operating at depth or altitude from a moving surface platform, with extreme maneuverability thereby avoiding obstacles or hazards. It seamlessly shifts from thruster power to “controlled-tow” as needed.  This results in up to 7 times the savings of time and money compared the closest competitors’ systems.

  • Nova Ray is the most portable, powerful, & maneuverable in high currents under tow or free flying ROV.
  • Sustained rock-solid stable maneuverability in up to 10 knot currents! Fully controllable under tow!
 Nova Ray ROV - 305 Model Configuration

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