Eli – Pneumatic UAV Launcher, Parachute Release Mechanism

Eli airborneUAV pneumatic catapult

This UAV pneumatic launcher has been developed to accelerate UAV-s and other aircraft with MTOW up to 40 kg and launch them at speeds up to 25m/s. The launcher is light-weight, battery-operated and is quickly assembled. The system is easily portable in two special rugged cases. Custom carriage rods can be designed based on clients UAV specifications.

Eli Airborne Solutions is a leading developer of military solutions and is located in Estonia. www.eli.ee



Launch angle 11 degrees
Overall rail length when assembled 5m
Rail length when disassembled 1,28 m
Weight of catapult set, 2 boxes Total 56kg
Launcher case external dimensions 1480x440x170mm
Compressor case external dimensions 650x325x520mm
Maximum plane mass 45 kg
Maximum allowed launch velocity 25 m/s (meter per second)
Puller configuration aircraft YES
Pusher configuration aircraft YES
Typical set-up time 5min
Compressor unit battery 2 X Makita®14.4V Li-Ion battery 3Ah


Eli airborneIn harsh weather conditions, the parachute canopy may remain filled with air after landing, dragging and potentially damaging the air vehicle.  Our parachute release system is built to provide an effective and reliable solution for this problem.  Our unique patented system is easy to operate and cost effective.  Specific innovation is in the parachute to air vehicle connection and the system that immediately disconnects the air vehicle from the parachute upon impact with the ground.  The device is simple and very reliable as it is a light-weight mechanical solution with no electronic parts.  The maximum UAV operation weight for the device is 50kg.  Custom release systems can be designed according to clients specific UAV needs.

Size: 80mm length, 17mm diameter, 50g weight


BROCURE LINK: ELI UAV-Parachute Release System

Call +1 (810) 441-1457 or Email: bob@uavpropulsiontech.com for cost/delivery.

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