Hirth is located in Benningen, Germany which is just outside of Stuttgart.  Hirth has been in business over 80 years producing reliable 2-strokes for sport aviation, ultra-light, hover craft, water pumps, and UAV applications.  They have produced over 1 million 2-stroke engines to date. The experience Hirth has gained making reliable sport aviation engines has made them a key choice when customers are looking for either COTS or custom UAV engine solutions.  Hirth currently supplies engines to several UAV customers and is expanding its personnel and facilities in Germany to support growth in development of UAV propulsion solutions.  Some UAV customers that are using Hirth engines (in the public domain) are: Northrop Grumman BAT, Denel Seeker II, Rheinmetall KZO, EMT Luna, CybAero APID60, Indra Pelicano, DroneTech UAV AV1 Albatross, Robot Aviation Aerobot and Saab Skeldar.  Hirth is a leader in development and production of reliable 2-stroke aircraft engines and utilizes advanced technology to meet the demanding requirements of UAV applications.  These technologies include advanced fuel injection systems, integration of lightweight/efficient starter/generators, advanced engine management systems, gear and belt drive reduction systems and advanced engine mount solutions.  Hirth works closely with its supply base to be able to provide a complete turnkey propulsion module that includes engine mount, generator, and propeller.  Hirth’s website has more info on the COTS solutions including data sheets and photos.  I have also included the link to Recreational Power which is the US Hirth Distributer.  This site has some more info on the COTS engines as well as pricing for COTS solutions.

Advantages of Hirth’s 2-stroke aircraft engines are:

  • ISO 9001 registered engineering/production facility and has produced over 1 million 2-stroke engines since 1927.
  • Broad 2-stroke application experience with air cooled and water cooled engines developed for air, land and sea applications.
  • Nikasil cylinders, hyper eutectic pistons and chrome moly crankshafts for improved durability to achieve higher TBO’s.
  • Sport aviation and defense unmanned aerial vehicle experience.
  • COTS, modified COTS and clean sheet engine solution options.
  • Located in the heart of Stuttgart so Hirth has access to high tech suppliers that support the German auto industry.
  • Aircraft integration and fielded flight operation experience.  EMT Luna has completed over 15,000 missions in Afghanistan and the Balkins.  Other customers are also flying in various global environments leading to direct access to field feedback to optimize engine performance and reliability.

For more info, please contact Bob Schmidt PH: +1 810 441 1457

Email: schmidt@hirth-engines.de











NEW Hirth 4103 engine – Upgraded 4102 – 100cc EFI with closed loop fuel control and optional 500W-1kW starter/generator (8hp)

Hirth 4201-4201 solutions

NEW Hirth 4201 – 15hp with optional reduction drive, electronic throttle, EFI gasoline or iPower heavy fuel.

F33 NG Web

Hirth F33 NG – 28HP w/integrated throttle servo and 2kW starter generator.  Now available in the US.

S1215 Web

Hirth F23 NG – 50hp boxer with electronic fuel injection












3504DI – 60hp water cooled heavy fuel










3701 – 70hp water cooled sport aviation engine with electronic fuel injection


Hirth-Volz web



Integration of Volz electronic throttle servo on Hirth engines


Lightweight 2kW Generator



Hirth iPower Compression Wave Injection Technology

Hirth Reduction Drive Solutions

Propeller Tools/Resources:

Hirth COTS

Hirth UAV starter-generator

Hirth VTOL UAV Engine



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